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How to be smart and safe on social media

A young boy looks intently at his laptop.

Use our new Digital Citizenship toolkit to empower your child to understand how their online behaviour affects themselves and others.

You and your child can find information on:

  • how to ‘be positive’ by understanding online behaviour and its effect
  • 'be smart’ by thinking critically and being digitally aware
  • 'be safe’ by protecting your security, privacy and wellbeing.

A toolkit to empower you and your child

You can find articles and videos to equip and empower your child to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities in our digital future.

We’ve partnered with leading researchers to produce a curated toolkit – aligned to the curriculum – which teachers and you can share with the young people in your lives.

Guide your child through important concepts such as:

  • managing privacy settings in social media
  • collaborating online
  • avoiding scams and hoaxes
  • understanding the law when it comes to online speech
  • Internet banking, shopping online and much more.

Keep your child safe and happy online

Visit and bookmark the Digital Citizenship website. We’ll continue to add articles and resources to ensure the best possible tools are available to help you guide your child to be positive, smart and safe online.