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Year 4 City Excursion

On Tuesday 13th March 2010, Year 4 went on an excursion to the city. The bus dropped us off and everyone walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was very high. Looking down onto the harbour was really cool and was a great experience for us all. After that we walked down the stairs to The Rocks. Then we caught a ferry to Darling Harbour. It was a peaceful ride across the sea, but some people got seasick.

Year 4 on the ferry crossing Sydney Harbour.

Shortly after disembarking from the ferry, we had morning tea and lunch together. Next we walked to the monorail station. We had to wait a few minutes before we could jump on the right monorail train to go to Sydney Tower. It was marvellous to go on a monorail.

Year 4 on the ferry crossing the harbour.

Sydney Tower was great! All of us loved Oz-Trek. There were moving seats and we felt like we were part of it. After Oz-Trek we went in groups up the lift, higher up the tower. It felt weird when we went up in the lift. Our ears were popping. The view was spectacular from up high. There were these funny binoculars we could look through, down on to the city below. It was fun looking through them. Lots of Photos were taken. Finally it was time to go. We caught the bus back to school. It was a great Year 4 excursion! We all enjoyed it!

Year 4 at the top of Centrepoint Tower.

Written by Violet and Maliah.