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'Detectives' on the Case



Recently, Mount Colah Public School played host to students from seven local primary schools and two high schools for a day of mystery- inspired writing. The project, which was a Hornsby Community of Schools initiative, provided a fun and authentic avenue for developing valuable writing skills as students worked together in trios to solve a puzzling crime.

The aim of the day was to have Year 6 and Year 9 students mentor Year 3 students and lead them through a variety of writing tasks based around a funny crime scene. The trios progressed through a variety of ‘evidence stations' and visited a ‘crime scene' in order to write a detective's report on what they thought happened and who was responsible. The groups then had to present their findings to the ‘Detective Superintendents' or as we know them, our school principals.

The case of the broken laptop was solved thanks to some wonderful detective work and now the Year 3 students will be supported in their class writing tasks by their Year 6 mentors.

  A Year 6 student mentors a Year 3 student.