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Joint effort to promote child safety

The NSW Police Force along with the Ambulance Service of NSW and the Minister for Family and Community Services are reminding parents to be vigilant following a number of incidents involving serious injury or death to children. Emergency Services and The Minister have joined forces in an effort to reduce the incidences of child injury and fatality.

Parents are being urged to know where their children are at all times in an effort to avoid such preventable incidents. Over the past 12 months police have responded to numerous incidents throughout Sydney where children have been injured or have died as a result of falling from windows, being left unattended in cars or being run over by cars.

Commander of State Crime Command's Joint Investigation Response Squad, Detective Superintendent Maria Rustja said, "Children are irreplaceable and we want them to grow up and enjoy life to its fullest.
"Children deserve to be protected and it's every parent's obligation to ensure their child's safety.
"Parents need to take responsibility and help put a stop to these preventable child injuries and deaths.
"Most children are naturally inquisitive and our job as parents is to ensure they can explore their surroundings in a safe environment," Detective Superintendent Rustja said.
"While we acknowledge that some of these incidents are accidental, the simple fact is they are preventable.
"Not only are there long term emotional and physical ramifications, but in some cases, there will be legal consequences too.


Vehicle Safety Tips:

  • When moving your vehicle put your child/children in your car or have them looked after by an adult – never leave them standing near a car to avoid being hit
  • When reversing be sure you have a clear line of sight behind your vehicle
  • Always drive slowly when children are around as they are unable to judge the speed and distance and their behaviour can be erratic and unpredictable
  • Never assume someone else is looking after your child – make sure you know where they are at all times